Tokens voor slot machine 2 torgue

tokens voor slot machine 2 torgue

It costs 5 tokens to play and, from my limited experience, doesn't seem to give a very high payout.
I recently put 2000 tokens into the Torgue slot machines at the Badass Crater Bar.
The Torgue Slot Machines are a minigame.Here are the results: Result, prize - Hits - 2 Matching Bell 3 Tokens.5.Prizes can range from, torgue Tokens, to green (uncommon) guns, blue (rare) guns, orange (legendary) guns, Eridium and more.Torgue DLC cost rare Torgue Tokens, I'm wondering if my expected value for them is above zero;.g.A Slot Machine in Moxxxis in Borderlands.Two of the same symbols - You get some.If I play a million times, statistically am I likely to have more or gratis online uk slot machines less Torgue Tokens than when I started with?

Contents, torgue Jackpot Slot Machine Location edit.
I know I'll get guns and stuff, but the net Torgue Tokens are all I care about; they're annoying to come by and can be used to buy legendary weapons.
No Match, nothing.75 2 Matching Psycho Mask 5 Tokens Psycho Masks, gratis video poker slots 25 lijn mIRV Grenade Cherries, green Weapon de legaliteit van online gokken 4s ranch Single Eridium Bars 10 Tokens - 18 -.5 2 Bells Anything 3 Tokens Legs.
Blue Weapon Double Eridium Bars 25 Tokens - 6 -.5 3 Marcus, purple Weapon - 1 -.25 3 Vault, orange Weapon - 1 -.25 3 Triple Eridium Bars 60 Tokens - 1 -.25 3 Bells, unknown Sevens.Edit 5, torgue Tokens, your winnings depend on the combinations you get.Unknown - 0 -.Torgue Slots Winning Combinations Loot Table edit, three different symbols (no match) - Nothing.Torgue Tokens, three Cherries - Uncommon (Green) weapon.Jackpot edit, three Borderlands Symbols (Orange item?).